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Waiting in Darkness

From my Peace Corps journal.

21 Oct, 2004

I wait to get electricity.  I write by “candil” and “candela” in my rented house in Pañanalapa, surrounded by banana trees, cricket chrips, and moonlight.

My fridge sits soundless atop of my concrete table in the kitchen.  Dogs bark in the distance.  “Cultos” go on next door and further away (though I can’t tell from where), their “buya” envelops my listening.

My front neighbor was nice enough to host me for dinner:  Tortillas doradas, fishtails, half of a fresh aguacate, and some cafe.  I cautiously ate my dinner, gingerly removing the fishbones that made it through my lips.

Yulie’s 5th birthday party is next Wednesday.  She invited me to her “piñata”.  I want to do something for the kids.  I wonder if they ever play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.  Or maybe it should be pin-the-tail-on-the-toragoz.

*  The torogoz, or mot-mot bird, is the national bird of El Salvador. I consider it the most beautiful & peaceful bird.