Wet verses Dry: Which is Better?

This is from an old journal I kept while in El Sal.

Complaining About the Weather (April 2004)

Invierno Season:

– Shoes and clothes get muddy as soon as you step outdoors.
– Laundry has to be done more often due to the mud.
– Clothing never really dries; clothing accumulates moisture while in storage even after having been sun-dried.
– Mold grows on anything that is stationary for more than 30 minutes.
– Bed feels wet when you lay down, and it smells like mildew.
– Fear of molding over because your bed is wet from the rain, and your cloths are always wet from sweating or from never drying out after bathing. This compounded by the moisture your clothes still holds from the last time it was washed or worn.
– Always slipping while walking due to mud, puddles, or slippery rocks.
– Not being able to tell the difference between mud and feces on the ground until you are sitting indoors with your friends and notice a funny smell.
– Trip delays due to derrumbes and deslaves that block the streets.
– The fear you feel when you realize that the derrumbe or deslave could have swept your bus and life away if you had decided to take that earlier bus.
– Wondering if your house is still there when coming back from buying groceries in town.
– Darkness falling at 6PM.
– Flies everywhere and having to compete with them for your food.
– Shoveling water-heavy mud to get into your house at 6PM at night.
– Roosters crowing at all hours of the night, anticipating the rain.

Verano Season:

– Breathing dust every day.
– Eating dust every day.
– Wearing dust every day.
– Hotter than hell everyday.
– Fearing water shortage while filling up the pila.
– Piles of dirt, dust, and leaves in your house every day despite daily sweeping and mopping.
– Not being able to breath well.
– Always having a scratchy throat.
– Always having itchy watery eyes.
– Bronchitis as a lifestyle.
– Spitting as a lifestyle.
– Dead vegetation everywhere
– Clothes are never really clean despite washing because they get dusty on the clothesline.
– Food is never really clean because it gets dusty on the stove, on the table, and while chewing (from a mouth full of dust from breathing).
– Traveling in a cloud of dust while walking and bus riding.
– More pimples due to dust clogged pores.
– All kinds of bugs congregate at the pila, rendering water-retrieval a safari adventure.

If I had to pick a favorite season, it would have to be the rainy one. There’s just not as many health problems related to it. Then again I haven’t passed through Mal de Mayo yet. My opinion may very well change.

(Update 2005) My opinion has not changed; invierno just feels a lot better.

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